I was thinking about my first loves.

I can’t seem to find mine.

I think it’s because i woke up on the wrong side of my pillow

The wrong side of cold sheets and damp towels

The side of my brain that’s still looking for their sense of balance

But then i felt a jump of laughter that connected with anothers

Now my brain found its match, right?

Going to lunch brews a mug of hugs and whisper my wonderings into your ear

I felt my palms get sweaty and shaky, this is how it’s supposed to feel right?

I am second guessing my second guesses 

And tapping my swatches and licking the floor and cleaning my mirrors

But FUCK MY FACE IS MELTing into icecream

*slushy sounds*

My minds swirling around 

My heart’s wide open CUT ME OPEN hahahah

Tappity tappity tappity tap tap tap tap .. .. .. 

Giggle giggle giggle 

Sound sound sound

I’m losing my mind a little bit

But i think you are kind so sweet

Switty do da peeling an orange

I know you feel it too 

they just called my name right after yours

That has to be a sign, right?

Oh no, i said the wrong thing now, didn’t i?


Oh nevermind,

Good nights goodbye! 

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